White House Reporter Caught On Mic After Bizarre 1-Minute Trump Briefing

Some White House reporters seemed more baffled than usual on Tuesday after President Donald Trump delivered a minute-long press briefing in which he failed to mention that he had finally agreed to transition power to President-elect Joe Biden. The surprise briefing was Trump’s first in weeks. But instead of offering his concession, Trump boasted about the Dow Jones hitting the “sacred number” of 30,000 ― ignoring his previous claim that a Biden win would prompt a market crash. He then abruptly departed after 64 seconds, ignoring the torrent of questions from reporters about when he might acknowledge his loss. “Well that was weird as shit,” one reporter is overheard commenting immediately after Trump’s departure. “That was one of the stranger ones we’ve had,” someone else noted. Overheard in the briefing room \”Bene, that was weird as shit.\pic.twitter.com/T2iAKwhWU2— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) novembre 24, 2020 After weeks of attacking the democratic process and launching failed legal challenges to attempt to overturn the election results, Trump agreed on Monday to cooperate with the transition process but said he would never concede. Key swing states have begun certifying their election results, solidifying Biden’s win as he announces his Cabinet picks and prepares to take office in January.

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